Hear from powerful keynotes at leading companies. These leaders will offer innovative ideas, compelling insights and effective strategies to improve your organization's safety

Putting People First: How to Create a Culture of Caring

Jana M. Gessner
VP of EHS, PepsiCo

Wednesday, November 6 - 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM

In the EHS space, the safety of employees must be an organization’s number one core value, not just “a priority” … because priorities change. But how do you create an EHS culture that both provides a strong compliance platform, yet empowers everyone – no matter their role, tenure or age – to fearlessly own safety and speak up? Jana Gessner will share how she has created a culture that has the sound foundational platforms for regulatory compliance and has shifted the culture to one that has the courage to care. She’ll share:
  • The importance of putting protection over production
  • The foundational blocks needed for a sound EHS program
  • The challenge of changing people’s mindsets and behaviors
  • How to empower employees to speak up and speak fearlessly
  • No matter the industry you work in, you’ll walk away from this keynote knowing how to leverage your influencing skills to create a culture of caring at your organization.

BIO: Jana M. Gessner is a globally-seasoned EHS executive with extensive supply chain experience with Fortune 500 companies. Her 20+ year career includes positions in: automotive, food and chemical manufacturing. Currently, she is the Vice President of Environmental, Health and Safety at PepsiCo.

Jana has delivered consistent results through strong leadership, technical knowledge, business acumen, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Her areas of expertise include development and deployment of global EHS management systems, strategic EHS processes, risk assessment and control, compliance assurance, and creating a zero incident culture.

Her in-depth experience at monitoring regulatory requirements, assessing business impact, and implementing EHS processes ensure the protection of people, assets, and product. Jana holds a Master’s in Chemical Engineering – Environmental from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, Bachelor’s in English and Sciences from the University of Toledo, and the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) credential.

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"Triumph Over Tragedy"

Lee Shelby
Former Power Lineman and Motivational Leader

Wednesday, November 6 - 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM

Lee Shelby is considered to be one of the most outstanding motivational speakers today. Lee has presented to thousands of employees at all levels across a multitude of industries. His clientele has included BP, Conoco Phillips, Comcast Cable, Northeast Utilities, ConEd, DuPont, IBEW, Cummins Diesel, NIPSCO, National Safety Council, numerous associations, safety councils and conferences in an effort to help educate and motivate everyone to help change, shape and forge their safety cultures for the future.

Lee’s presentation is unique because it comes from the heart. It is highly motivational, interactive and humorous as he relates his own occupational injury, his recovery to work and the challenges he has faced along the way, in such a way that will change the hearts and minds of everyone who attends.

BIO: Lee Shelby is a power lineman from Tennessee and at the age of 28, lost both arms resulting from an occupational injury after he came in contact with more than 12,000 volts while working for a utility company.  Lee returned to work in less than one year with the ambition to be an active part of society. Lee actively teaches and shares his story of “Triumph Over Tragedy” “Safety is Personal” with thousands across the United States in every industry.

Lee chooses to educate, motivate and inspire audiences by sharing the story of his tragic occupational injury as well as the importance of making safety personal. His desire is for everyone to be responsible for their own safety and watch out for their co‚Äźworkers, take safety personal and to return home safe to their families. 

Never backing down from a challenge, Lee is a national speaker and OSHA and NFPA trainer, Lee is currently working on his Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety and Health. He is an author, as well as a private pilot and enjoys skydiving as well coaching baseball. He is married with three children and one grandson. Lee is also a successful businessman owning his own corporation as well as consulting and training for multiple safety consulting firms. 

Think And Survive: Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Preparedness

William Flynn
Chief Security Officer, TPOP (The Power of Preparedness);
Former Deputy Director, Department of Homeland Security;
Former Assistant Commissioner, New York City Police Dept.

Thursday, November 7 - 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Every year, millions of American workers report having been the victim of workplace violence, with the deadliest being an active shooter event. This keynote session presented by William Flynn, an internationally recognized expert in public safety and Homeland Security, will focus on the growing phenomenon of workplace violence and mass shootings along with risk mitigation strategies for safety and security professionals.

Bill Flynn will offer his insights into how organizations should train their employees for all types of workplace violence events, with the emphasis on preparedness and training. Attendees will gain the comprehensive knowledge necessary to reduce the chances of a violent event and mitigate the outcomes should one occur. Key takeaways include: how to recognize workplace violence; behavioral indicators; situational awareness; and how to survive an active shooter event. This will truly be a life-changing and life-saving keynote session.

BIO: Mr. Flynn is the former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Infrastructure Protection, where he led the coordinated national effort to reduce risk to our nation’s critical infrastructure posed by acts of terrorism. Under his supervision, the DHS-FBI “Run-Hide-Fight” active shooter methodology was developed, as well as the “If You See Something Say Something” public awareness campaign. He is a Senior Fellow at the George Washington University Center for Cyber & Homeland Security, spent 24 years in the NYPD (rising to the rank of Assistant Commissioner), and spent 20 years in the US Navy (rising to the rank of Captain).