Engagement–The Path to Health & Safety Excellence

Richard Fulwiler
Transformational Leadership Associates

November 7th, 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM
Regency Ballroom

It is important that leaders become more transformational and less transactional. A transactional leader focuses on the work or output while a transformational leader will focus not just on the work or output but on the folks doing the job or generating the output. Transformational leadership is the key to engagement. The Harvard Business Review noted, "It is a sad truth about the workplace: Just 30% of employees are actively committed [engaged—my term] to doing a good job. 50% of employees merely put in their time, while 20% act out their discontent in counterproductive ways. This means 70% of the work force is not engaged in achieving anything but average to below average results." Said another way, if excellence is to be achieved in any critical output, and health & safety (H&S) certainly is one, more than 30% of the workforce needs to be engaged.

Transformational leadership is not new, but it is not broadly practiced or understood. Key attributes of a transformational leader are: being a good listener, being able to communicate to all levels, being empathic—showing you really care, and demonstrating you truly want to engage with the workforce. It is incumbent on H&S leaders to understand just what transformational leadership is and how it impacts H&S results as well as other critical business outputs. H&S leaders need to be able to get the message into their organizations and even be able to "coach up" into the organization.

An organization with a good balance between transactional and transformational leadership will achieve excellence in not only H&S but in other critical business output areas. Remember, we have a 70% opportunity to improve engagement!

Leading Through Trust, Buy-In and Ownership - At All Levels

Shawn M. Galloway
ProAct Safety

November 7th, 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Regency Ballroom 

Do employees perform excellently because you inspire them to or because they are fearful? Do you want a culture of have-to or want-to? The answer is obvious. However, many leaders unintentionally make some common mistakes that undermine what they are trying to accomplish. Some actually damage their own programs while trying to improve them. Good intentions are not enough! To create sustainable, above-and-beyond performance in others, you must create an environment in which individuals feel motivated to provide critical discretionary effort.

  • Explore how the best-performing organizations are moving towards strategic models leveraged in business and applying them inside their organization to advance their culture
  • Discover why companies are moving away from best practices and toward better practices
  • Obtain insights into human performance and behavioral sciences and understand why you have the current performance you are experiencing
  • Learn how to evolve from managing compliance to coaching for discretionary performance vital to achieving excellence in performance and culture

Building a World-Class Safety Culture Through the Power of Innovation

J.A. Rodriguez Jr
Global Senior Leader of EHSS, Raytheon Co.
Chairman of VPPPA Inc.

November 8th, 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
Regency Ballroom 

What is innovation and how can a leader ignite it from within the organization? Innovation is defined and viewed in many ways and it is a concept that most organizations want and often demand from their workforce. How you view innovation as a leader may very well be keeping your organization from moving forward.

We all understand that innovation is an essential business byproduct which assures a brighter future for stakeholders yet very few leaders are successful at achieving it from their team.

This keynote will offer an alternative way to look at innovation by adopting a different mindset because failure can be the today’s gift for tomorrow’s future.