September 11-13, 2017
The Hilton Atlanta
Atlanta, GA USA


We're currently arranging workshops for 2017, in the meantime please check out our workshops from 2016:

Josh Draa

The Roadmap to Machinery Safety

Machinery Safety programs are driven by various factors: a safety incident resulting in injury; the creation of a Culture of Safety; or OSHA inspection. No matter what the driver, following a proven process to compliant machinery safety ensures best practice results.

Attendees will learn the established standards and approach to a Machinery Risk Assessment. The group will then participate in an exercise to conduct a mock risk assessment and the calculation of risk levels.

Each team will present a recommended mitigation for the risk identified.


  • Understanding most common Machine Safety drivers
  • Understanding established Machine Safety Standards
  • Learn how a Roadmap to Machinery Safety delivers best practice solutions
  • Participate in a group exercise to conduct a mock Machine Safety Risk Assessment

More About Josh 

Joshua Draa, PE, Senior Engineer, CMSE® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TÜV NORD), at Polytron. Josh has over seven years of engineering experience providing industrial automation systems integration and electrical engineering services within the food and beverage, consumer products, and paper industries. He is experienced in safety system design, and safety validation, system and control theory analysis, power distribution, and control panel design. As part of the Polytron Machinery Safety Solutions team, Josh conducts risk assessments, defines the plan, designs the solution, implements and validates the design of manufacturing safety projects for clients across multiple industries helping companies create a safe workplace for their employees. Josh holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and CMSE® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TÜV NORD), He is also a member of IEEE and ISA.

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Eric Morris

The Future of Safety: Moving Your Organization Through the EHSQ Maturity Curve

Across all industries, organizations mature their environmental, health, safety (EHS) and quality program by moving from reactive compliance related activities to proactive performance driven process and eventually to transformative activities that create value, increase revenue and ultimately change the way their organization does business. Learn how organizations have evolved their EHSQ program through the EHSQ Maturity curve using software and mobile applications to capture lagging, leading and transformational indicators. Discover which of these indicators contribute to predictive safety performance and which metrics your organization should prioritize as it moves through the EHSQ maturity curve.


  • Learn how organization move through the EHSQ Maturity Curve
  • Discover which metrics your organization should prioritize at each stage of the EHSQ maturity curve
  • Learn how a Roadmap to Machinery Safety delivers best practice solutions
  • Use the industry’s leading mobile safety app and explore how organizations are using mobile functionality to improve safety culture and performance

More about Eric

Eric Morris brings more than ten years of experience in safety management and risk mitigation systems. With a history working across multiple sectors, in particular the Oil & Gas and Manufacturing sector, Eric helps organizations design, implement, and establish successful safety management systems that bridge the gap between everyday behaviors, operational hazards, and organization-wide risk. As the Health & Safety Practice lead at Intelex Technologies, Eric uncovers ways management systems couple with market leading software solutions to help organizations automate processes, trend results and uncover insights that will transform their business.

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Monchello Curry

Improving Your Safety Culture - SOLD OUT

A company's greatest asset is its employees, and protecting your workers from injury or illness is critical to the success of your business. In this interactive, hands-on workshop, attendees will explore the ABCs of getting started through employee engagement and improving your safety program.


  • How to define a Culture of Safety
  • How to use Machinery Safety and Job Hazard evaluation tools to engage your workforce
  • Explore the role of training in creating a safe environment that is relevant and sustainable

More About Monchello

Monchello Curry, is a Learning Lead in Polytron's Workforce Development and Training Group. With over eight years of training expertise, she manages training projects and vendors, and also develops and delivers training curricula by creating student and instructor materials for Polytron's customers. Monchello implements skill-building programs, and communication and presenta¬tion training to convey complex technical information in a simplified manner. She has hands-on expertise in workforce training for manufacturing safety. Monchello holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech and an MBA.

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Paul Beatley

Best Practices and Global EHS Compliance Management

Today, most companies operate in an environment where consumers, shareholders, outside stakeholders have constant access to information about their behavior and the impacts of their products and services on the global environment, and this has set up a new paradigm where excellence in EHS performance actually can open new opportunities to boost the company’s business fortunes


  • growing market share by promoting the brand image of products that are viewed by consumers as being environmentally preferable;
  • developing products that actually solve customers’ environmental problems by either lowering costs or increasing environmental benefits;
  • promoting stronger customer and stakeholder relationships via environmental initiatives to enhance their brand; and
  • bundling environmental services with products, or replacing products with services to provide a better overall solution to customers, for example by helping to reduce waste or emissions.

More About Paul

Paul Beatley is Co-Founder and Director of Enhesa, based in Washington DC, and oversees all aspects of this wholly-owned subsidiary.

Paul has 30 years of professional experience in EHS management and regulatory consulting and EHS auditing, including ten years based in France and Belgium. He has led a broad range of consulting assignments, ranging from EHS compliance audits and acquisition/divestiture due diligence assessments to forecasting and analysing regulatory and policy change to advising on product stewardship and extended producer responsibility obligations for global markets. In addition to Europe and North America, Paul has led EHS audit and compliance assurance assignments in the Middle East, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific-Oceania regions.

Prior to founding Enhesa, he was Founder and Director of the Environmental Policy Centre Europe of the Law-Gibb Group in Brussels (forerunner of Enhesa), and prior to this, a Senior Consultant at Booz-Allen & Hamilton, based in Paris, and before that, a Manager with A.T. Kearney in Washington. Fluent in French and English, Paul holds an Master of Science in Economics from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Arts from University College, Dublin.

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