September 11-13, 2017
The Hilton Atlanta
Atlanta, GA USA


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How to Capture New Value From Within Your Organization

Shawn M. Galloway, President, ProAct Safety  

All leaders desire to get more effort from their people, effort resulting more from internal desire and less from external prompting. Strategic thinking can create value at just about every level, but people need a reason to believe in what they choose to invest their discretionary effort in. The best you can hope for with an alienated workforce is grudging compliance.  No organization can afford disaffected workers. But influence hearts and minds, and hands and feet will follow. Based on his latest book, Inside Strategy: Value Creation from within Your Organization, Shawn Galloway will share how to take the greatest strategic thinking and focus in inside your organization. Safety will never become a core value within a company culture until the safety strategy is aligned with and supports the business strategy, rather than hindering or constricting it. Every organization has a “safety culture,” but could it be better? Yes, always, but not by doing more in safety. It is achieved by continuously doing things better and capturing and delivering real value. 



    •     Learn how the best in safety leverage business strategy to improve safety
    •     Understand the 10 questions vital for developing a strategy to achieve excellence in safety performance and culture
    •     Obtain easy to implement methodologies to focus on and measure value from your safety improvement efforts
    •     Recognize the current approaches in your organization that are hindering your ability to become great at safety

More About Shawn  

Shawn M. Galloway is the President of the global consultancy, ProAct Safety, and coauthor of several bestselling books. He is one of the most prolific contributors in the safety industry, in addition to the books, he has authored over 400 podcasts, 200 articles and 100 videos. Shawn’s consulting clients include most of the best safety-performing organizations within every major industry. 

Mario Longhi

From "You" - To "Me" - To "We" - How Safety Must Evolve from a Top-Down Directive, to an Item of Personal Responsibility, to a Culture of Shared Commitment

Mario Longhi, President & CEO
United States Steel Corporation

While all CEOs are interested in profitability, return-on-investment; productivity and quality, more CEOs are recognizing how safety can either positively or negatively impact each of these business issues depending on the competency of its safety professionals. Mario Longhi, President and CEO of United States Steel Corporation, will discuss how he expects the Company’s safety team not only to deliver the core safety program in a highly professional manner, but to ensure that employee safety performance and engagement, as well as safety culture are part of the overall business plan. The session will also examine how safety is a visible part of the Company’s overall organizational process of continuing improvement, as well as being integrated in the Company’s brand, values, sustainability, and business goals. Finally, Mr. Longhi will discuss how he expects the safety director and his/her team to provide support and solutions to the Company in decision-making, goal achievement and business strategy with an eye to the overall success of the Company.

More About Mario 

Mario Longhi is president and chief executive officer of United States Steel Corporation and serves on the company’s Board of Directors. In these roles, he is overseeing a multi-year transformation journey – The Carnegie Way – aimed at building value for all of the company’s stakeholders and returning U. S. Steel to sustainable profitability throughout the business cycle. He has held a series of increasingly responsible executive leadership roles since he joined U. S. Steel in July 2012 as executive vice president & chief operating officer. He was appointed president and chief operating officer in June 2013 and was elected president and chief executive officer in September 2013.

Prior to joining U. S. Steel, Mr. Longhi spent six years at Gerdau Ameristeel Corporation, serving first as president from 2005 through 2006 and then additionally in the role of chief executive officer from 2006 until 2011. Before his arrival at Gerdau Ameristeel, Mr. Longhi spent 23 years at Alcoa, Inc., which he joined in 1982 as a construction superintendent for the company’s Alumar Refinery in his native Brazil.

Jim Malewitz

The Real Cost of Safety

Rich McElhaney, Assistant Vice President – Safety & Risk Management
Allied Insurance Brokers, Inc.

What is the real cost of not being safe? Hear from Rich McElhaney as he talks about a traumatic injury that occurred when he was the Safety Manager on a large construction project. Rich’s story clearly demonstrates the importance of pre-planning and safe preparedness. In a dramatic conclusion, Rich reveals who pays the ultimate price when it comes to disabling injuries.

His real life testimony is one that you will not only relate to, but also embrace.

Key Session Takeaways –

  • The speaker will share what he feels is the most effective accident reduction techniques to implement with the goal of obtaining a zero-harm safety culture
  • Understanding the importance of a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) in your preplanning
  • Learn six critical core elements of an effective safety program

More About Rich 

Mr. McElhaney received his B.S. in Occupational Safety and Health Management from Slippery Rock University in 1992 and earned his Masters in Safety Management from West Virginia University in 2011. He has been in the Occupational Health and Safety field for over 25 years. His diverse safety background includes extensive knowledge of and expertise in construction, general industry, and mining. Most importantly, he understands people. Mr. McElhaney is a proficient public speaker who captures his audience’s attention through compassion and a common-sense safety approach. He has reached thousands in many different countries including Australia, Canada, China, South Africa, and Panama.